The program from Friday to Sunday will include open spaces for participants to propose content (workshops, discussions, presentations,…), time for assemblies (opening and closing sessions), and a resistance party. We have designed six areas which intend to cover the most relevant aspects of our work:

1. Non-Violent direct action: How can we improve the effects of our actions? How can we extend civil disobedience towards evictions? Which techniques do other comrades use? Do we prepare an action?

2. Mutual Aid: Let‘s talk about the organisation of (practical) solidarity between the people that fight against evictions: self-organised centres of support, affinity groups and groups for mutual aid, cooperatives and everything else that enables us to resist and sustain the struggle.

3. Negotiations: Which results do we achieve in negotiations with banks or other political, administrative or economical entities/bodies? With which ones should we use which strategies? Do they rather want us in the offices than in the streets?

4. Occupations (“re-alojos” in spanish): The social work of the PAH, las corralas, the occupation of entire appartment blocks, the occupation of abandoned apartments, the difficulties, the risks, the different realities

5. Strategies: What is the strategy of our groups (objectives, methods, planning, campaigns)? Is our work part of a global/transnational struggle? How can we amplify our aims without dispersing our action? Should we get involved in the creation of a broad front? With which objective? How? With whom? What can we foresee as possible developments of the events? // Like the tree in the seed our goals are inside our means. How do we work together? Is our working methods the reflection of the society we want to create? [Consensus decision making, facilitation, sustainable activism, trauma support, dealing with conflict, anti-oppression, anti-discrimination,…

6. Legal work: International panorama, tools, initiatives, edicts, opportunities, successful legal strategies… Please tell us if any relevant aspect for your group is missing from the list. We plan that the structure of the program enables every person to fully attend at least two of the areas, if desired. The design we have in mind will allow that if from one group 3 persons come, they could cover the 6 areas among the three if they wanted to.

program scheme english for invitation v3

During the meeting days we will work together with people who speak different languages. To facilitate the communication, we count on the support from the collective BLABLA that will coordinate the translations whenever they are needed.

The organization of the meeting its supported by the local group (La Perola) which will coordinate the food (vegan, biological, seasonal and regional).

Accommodation will be offered to the people coming from outside.

We don’t want money to be a barrier for people to participate. We count with a budget (although limited) to support the people that afford to travel for economical reasons. To avoid a negative impact of this meeting on the planet we want to encourage everyone to travel by land instead of using planes. Please note that we won’t reimburse plane tickets, except for justified reasons.


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