If you want to take part in the transnational meeting we need you to apply before the 20th of September answering the questions below. This will help us to calculate the necessary logistics and ensure that the content will include us all. We have limited capacity (maximum 300 persons), therefore we will try to ensure that the biggest number of groups can be present.

Please send your answers to: casabuscagente ÄT riseup DÖT net

1. Which group are you part of?

2. How many people will come from your group?

3. When are you planning to come? when are you planning to leave?

4. Do you need help to cover your travel costs?

5. Do you want to propose a workshop, make a presentation or have a debate? which ones?

6. Do you have any allergies we should take into consideration?

7. Do you need translation from Spanish?

8. Anything else we should be aware of? (accessibility, children…)

To attend the international training please answer to these questions as well (they make our work easier):

9) What do you hope to gain from attending the training?

10) What experience of social change practice/activism do you have?

11) In which groups or social movements have you been involved?

12) How do you want to use what you learned during the training in your work for social change? (on a personal and group level)


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