We want a more just world in which everyone has access to a dignified living space/home.
In order to achieve this we are organising the ENTRAD, which includes the following more specific objectives as steps along the way:

  • To go more deeply into ideological aspects of our work and our identity as a group.
  • To get to know and share working tools: anti sexism, the overcoming of fears, strategies, actions and dealing with conflicts.
  • To open meeting spaces on a local and international level, with other groups within our common struggle.
  • To project our work outwards, towards society.

With this transnational meeting and with the workshops mentioned above we want to strengthen the ties within the movement against evictions and for dignified living spaces as well as exchange our experiences on issues that effect the functioning of our groups. The action at the end of the meeting is meant for putting to practice some of the things we learned and to once again be present on the streets, like every Monday.


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