The training consists of 4 days (from the 20th to 23rd of October) of sessions that build on each other. It aims at facilitating the exchange of experiences between the groups that work against evictions.

We have chosen popular education as the methodology for the training because it creates a space of exchange between equals. We will work with a reduced number of people that will allow us to get to know each other, build group and go deeper into the topics. For this reason we have to limit the spots available.

The selection will be based on geographical, gender and group diversity, to obtain the bigger possible multiplication effect.

A diverse group of international activists will prepare and facilitate (both in English and in Spanish) different sessions covering the following topics:

— working with conflict/anti-oppression

— sustainable activism/dealing with burnout

— communication/decision-making processes

The aim is to share skills and experience using different tools, all towards supporting effective and sustainable individuals and groups.

Each topic will take approximately one day in the program, but they will also build on each other. The program will be flexible for input and feedback from everyone taking part, and adjust according to the needs of

the final group of participants.

The people who will participate in the international training are more than welcome to take part on the international meeting that will happen directly after the training. If you want to participate in the training write us an email until the 20th of September answering the application from, so we can know a bit more about you. State clearly if you want to attend the training, the meeting or both.


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